We Offer Mobile PEMF Services For Human, Horses And Pets In Utah.

Humans and animals are individually different. Each body may need more sessions based on conditions begin seen, or for overall maintenance. Frequently and type of activity can determine length and duration of individual or continued sessions.

Chronic conditions call for more sessions as with most therapies, one time session may have immediate result, but consistency is Very Important.



Human sessions are typically  60 minutes. Depending on the kind of issues you are having, you could feel better in one session, you may need multiple to reach your Goal.

Each of us are unique in that what work for them and what intensity they can comfortably handle.

 We will discuss the reason for the appointment and talk about the process with you before the session begins.


Return to your normal daily activities. 

You will enjoy energizing deep tissue stimulation and relaxation, focusing on the spine and other painful areas of the body. This is a whole body energy massage, effect for chronic pain, injuries, post -op recovery and detoxification . You will receive optimal benefits with consistent weekly sessions.

Fee $75.00

Buy 4 and get one FREE

Pay for 4 sessions in advance and receive 1 free. Equal or lesser value FREE session, All sessions must be used in 30 days. No EXCEPTIONS

PEMF machines should Not be used by anyone with a battery implanted device such as pacemaker, cochlear impacts, intrathecal pumps, etc. Magnetic fields are known to interfere with these devices.

Horse and Livestock Sessions

Horse sessions are typically 30 to 60 minutes.  We can concentrate on and develop a plan to reduce pain and inflammation and improve performance.

We assess each client and discuss a session plan with you according to your animals needs.

Your animal will receive optimal benefits with consistent weekly sessions until the issues has improved. Monthly maintenance sessions are recommended.

       Approximately  30 minutes               $75.00

        Legs are not include in this Package

       Apporxinatley      60 minutes  

        Legs and feet are included                                 $120.00

Buy 4 and get one FREE

pay for 4 season in advance and receive i1 free. Equal or lesser calve sessions, All sessions must be used with in 30 days. No EXCEPTIONS

     Pet Sessions

Pet session typically last  30 minutes, depending on the  issues we are seeing.

Pets comfort level is the most important concern during session.



Whether you'r a weekend or professional athlete, you can benefit from PEMF.

*Reduce inflammation

*Reduce Pain

*Increase Circulation 

*Improve Range of Motion

Enjoy the Benefits Today.

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