What is PEMF

PEMF is a pulsed electro-magnetic field that is said to stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygenation , 

and reduce inflammation. this action is thought to cause a chain process in the body that could lead to improvement of health without side effects. A cell produces energy called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), this energy is vital for the function of the body, building up and breaking down molecules, and transporting

substances across cell membranes. PEMF is thought to increase ATP levels and the signal

is able to penetrate the cell wall to increase its permeability, deliver more oxygen & rid waste products

such as carbon dioxide helping the body to heal itself.

                      How PEMF Works

PEMF positively charges blood cells so they repel one another (like-magnetic charges repel), making it impossible for them to stick together.  This maximizes the ability of the blood cell to perform their take in the capillaries of all the major organs. the work of the lungs, liver, intestines, and kidneys is optimized when proper and full blood flow can take place. when the blood is oxygenated, so are the organs and tissues, reducing disease which can produce unbalances and sickness.

Inflammation is the number one cause of pain in the body.  The use of pulsed-electro-magnetic fields provide a means to reduce and relive pain. The primary function is to improve oxygenation 

and to improve blood flow in the body.

Magnetic fields affect the chart of the cell membrane, which opens up the cell's membrane channels. There channels are like doors and windows of a house for circulation. By opening cell channels, nutrients are easily absorbed by the cell  and waste easily eliminated. This process helps to rebalance and restore cell function.

The History behind using                              PEMF

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The use of magnetic fields for healing is not modern. As early a 2000 BC  magnetized stones (loadstones) were us by physicians.

In the early 1500s, Swiss physician and alchemist Paracelsus, credited as the founder of toxicology, appeared to have used loadstones to treat seizers and psychiatric  disorders.

 Nicola Tesla studied PEMF in 1897.

PEMF treatment was approved by the FDA in 1979 to stimulated bone growth and to treat no-union of fractures. 1998 the FDA approved PEMF for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation.

In 2014, the FDA approved PEMF for the cervical fusion surgery patients.

PEMf was approved for the treatment of depression and anxiety in 2006.

In 2011 the FDA approved PEMF for the treatment of brain cancer.

2015 the FDA reclassified PEMF machines from class 3 to Class 2 medical devices.

 NASA spent $3.5 million in researching PEMF treatments .


In 1995, the University of Kentucky found that soft tissues responded well to pulsed electro-magnetic fields. Veterinarians began using PEMF treatment in the USA on racehorses. Pulsed electromagnetic fields, like CAT and MRI scans, are widely used in medicine  to help the map the body tissues. 

PEMF helps to RE-Charge our bodies own system and gives our cells the energy they need to heal themselves and at a faster rate.

Top Benefits of Using                    PEMF


Inflammation is a body natural response in self - protection. White blood cells protect us from infection, such a bacteria and viruses. Whatever your cause of inflammation, one of the top health benefits of PEMF sessions is without a drought its ability to reduce inflammation. PEMF works at a cellular level to encourage the body own overall wellness.


PEMF therapy is thought to enhance wellness thought out the body. On average the healing process is increased by about a third of the time it would normally take without the use of PEMF.


WHILE IT 4th on the list of health benefits of PEMF therapy, pain reduction  is no laughing matter and may be the primary reason for those seeking relief.  it is theorized that PEMF might encourage the body to create micro currents that run through near pathways.  This response denies  fibers from accessing neural gateways that trigger the pain response. It is believed that the reduced signal equals less pain.

The best part in some cases, the relief can begin in minutes.


*Bone Mending

*A Companion Modality

*Better Sleep And Relaxation

*Depression and Anxiety

*Increased Energy

*Immune Bossting


*Cellular Metabolism

*Neuromuscular responce

*Lean Muscle Mass

*Cell Hydration




Much research and clinical studies have been conducted concerning Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.  These studies have looked at the effect of PEMF sessions on a wide range of conditions. These include.

*Chronic Low back Pain



*Recovery form Arthroscooic knee surgery

*Persistent Rotator Cuff Tendintis


*Multiple Sclerosis

*Recovery from Plastic Surgery


Much more research needs to be done but PEMF has demonstrated effectiveness in healing soft tissue wounds, suppressing inflammation responses at the cellular level to alleviate pain and increase range of motion.

The National Institute of Health has made PEMF a priority for research. Scientific   research has documented beneficial effects produced by the PEMF that cause a cascade of biological process



Using PEMF has been found to have many benefits. Some of these benefits include.

*Promotes Cell Regeneration

*Improves Circulation

*Relieves symptoms of Depression

*Promotes Bone Healing

*Relieves Chronic Pain

*Increases Range of Motion

*Speeds Post Surgical Healing 

*Non Invasive

*No Down Time

*Better Sleep


In this video, Dr Myers explains what PEMF is and How it works.

This is not meet to information is not meant to replace healthcare, its for Information ONLY.