MagnaWave PEMF  For Horses                       And How Does It Help ?

Taking care of horses in the best possible way is every horse owner's top priority. Horses and athletes and they should be treated as such, this is why taking good care of their muscles and recovery is extremely important  A horse that doesn't recover properly wound be happy and will not like his job.

Muscle recovery is one of the best and mose effective ways to prevent injuries and minimize risks. Also, muscle recovery helps your horse to develop muscle s and work better as well as to become more supple.

MagnaWave is used in nearly every competitive equestrian discipline for equine performance enhancement, health maintenance , and healing.

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Here are just some of the Conditions treated by PEMF:

Does Your Horse Suffer From....

* Anhidrosis ( Inhability  to Sweat Normally)

* Arthritis and Inflammation

* Bone Issues ~ Non-Healing Fractures, Ringbone, 

* Conditions Related to Aging - Arthritis, Cushings Disease, 


* Hoof Abscess, Stone Bruises Coffin Bone-Joint, White Line Disease

* Non Healing Wounds

* Founder Laminitis, Fonder.

* Soft tissues Injuries_ Muscle, Tendon and Ligament

* Sore Back, Stifle, Hock Joints, Neck and Poll.

* Travel Soreness and Stress

 MagnaWave works to Increase:

* Energy

* Cell Hydration

* Flexibility

* Bone Density

* Strength

* Stamina

*  Improves Performance

* Detect Areas of Soreness, PEMF can help detect WHERE your horse is sore while providing                noticeable relief -Horse Love IT......


  Working at a cellular level, MagnaWave encourages the body to heal itself.  Safe and effective,              drug-free alternative to keep your horse in its optimal health.

How does PEMF accomplish these Benefits

Treatments goals are to restore normal motion. neurological firing patterns to the affected spinal joints, release adjacent tight and unbalanced muscles, soften scar tissue and adhesions, dispense lactic acid and other metabolic waste.

The therapy serves to help regenerate damaged or diseased tissue, repair tendons, fractures, PEMF also enhances circulation of synovial fluid through out the joint capsules that have been mobilized.

Cirulation is improved no by increasing pressure, but by flow, opting the capillaries and arteries. PEMF is noninvasive and no medication is required as a pretreatment.

Magna Wave by Peak Performance PEMF therapy is an easy way to ensure that your horse will fell better and perform at its best.

"At this point in my career I can barely imagine what it would be like without MagnaWave.  I use it so often for myself and my horses... I use the MagnaWave before competition, after competition for recovery, after strenuous workouts and sometimes just for relaxation.'

                            Rosie Napranik

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