Pets And MagnaWave

At the Vet

Pets Deserve The Best

Everyone wants their pets to feel their best and to maintain their physical ability to live and thrive in their life in comfort. Owners of personal pets and competitive pets wants to have every possible edge in daily life or competition. MagnaWave can help give them that edge. 

Because of the health promoting qualities of PEMF, this therapy is begin incorporated by veterinarians and practitioner as an integral part of their practices and continuous health cares services to our clients.

PEMF has been known to help promote cellular exercise and metabolism, decrease pain, inflammation, and enhance the animal's own ability to recover.

Animals both large and small benefit from MagnaWave. PEMF can help resolve a number of issues and provide an overall improved state of well begin and relaxation for your pet.


Faster Healing times 


What can PEMF do for your Pet ?

* Improve Performance 

       Increase Speed ,Strength ,Stamina, and Range            of Motion.

* Relive Pain

     Reduce Inflammation , Stiffness, Soreness from           Injury.

* Detect Areas of Soreness

       PEMF can help detect WHERE your pet is sore              while providing noticeable relief ,  Pets love It.

* Heals Faster

       PEMF increase healing times by 1/3 to 1/2 .

* Relieve and Heal Deep Muscle Soreness 

         PEMF penetrates much deeper than laser and              massage.

* Works well With Other Modalities

          Laser, chiropractis, Acupuncture 


Enjoying MagnaWave PEMF

Conditions that are Very Responsive to MagnaWave PEMF





*Spinal Cord Problems

*Seizure Disorders

*Skin Condition 


*Diabetes Complication

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